Suburban Electric Railway Association      
Located at the ELECTRIC RAILWAY MUSEUM, Rowley Road, Baginton, Warwickshire           

Established 1996

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The Suburban Electric Railway Association

Statement of Aims

The Suburban Electric Railway Association exists to carry out the following:

The preservation of examples of electrically powered multiple units, locomotives or vehicles from British electrically operated railways.

The preservation of documents and other artefacts relevant to the design, construction, operation, closure and socio-economic impact of British electrically operated railways and rolling stock.

These items are chosen on the basis that they fully meet one or more of the following criteria that cannot be defined by any other item:

The representation of a specific geographical electrified network of lines for which they were specifically built or had, for a lengthy period, come to be in everyday use and are thus typical of an era of operation upon that specific network.

The traction equipment is typical of a stage of development within the technological evolution of electric traction and train control or the equipment represents a significant stage of innovation that led to advancement of traction and control equipment.

The vehicle styling is typical of design practice for a specific era or geographic standard or represents significant attempt at innovation in styling.

The vehicle or equipment is representative of a manufacturer.

The vehicle is representative of a specific method of operation, traction current supply or any other individual feature that is regarded as historically interesting and worthy of retention in a heritage environment.

The conservation of such items so as to ensure they remain in a condition ‘typical’ of a period of their working life.

The presentation of such items in a manner that offers best interpretation of their individual historic merits for the benefit of education & study.

The Suburban Electric Railway Association (SERA) was formed in 1996, but was then called the Mersey & Tyneside Electric Preservationists as the group had the original intention to secure for preservation the Merseyside 503 and the South Tyneside EPB electric multiple units (EMUs). Both these aims were achieved within 8 months and the group expanded its aims over the next couple of years to promote the preservation of DC electric suburban trains from all areas of England. With this expansion of aims came a need to create a new identity that reflected the national scope of the group and so in 1998 the group changed its name to the Suburban Electric Railway Association.

SERA assembled the largest private collection of electric multiple units in the country between 1996 and 2006 and they are all located at the Electric Railway Museum.

The SERA contributed to the creation of The Electric Railway Museum in 2008 and handed over the responsibility for the running of the site in Baginton to Electric Railway Museum Limited in 2009. SERA remains independant of that organisation but has transferred items from our collection to the ownership or custody of Electric Railway Museum as they have become suitable for the criteria of the Museum, the museum only accepts items into its collection that have either been restored or are in the process of active restoration. SERA retains responsibility of several items that need longer term restoration plans but it is possible that these may transfer to the Electric Railway Museum collection in the future as these plans come to fruition.