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Established 1996

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The Suburban Electric Railway Association

Where does our understanding of electricity come from and who were the people who brought it to us ?

Find out here:

The development of Britain's network of electrified commuter lines did not happen overnight. The process began in the last decade of the Nineteenth century and is still continuing today.

Have you ever wondered when the first electric trains started running, where were the earliest lines to convert from steam operation ? Why did they choose to change to electricity ? Which lines had forth rails and which started with the third rail system. What did the earliest electric multiple units look like and who built them ? All these questions - and a lot more - are answered in The History Zone.

We have broken down the story into regions that you can select from the list below. Each section contains key electrification and/or construction dates and also other notably circustances in the creation of these suburban networks.

From the deep London tubes to the Liverpool Overhead, all are covered.