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There is only one story to be reported on this page and that is the announcement made on July 9th 2017 that the Electric Railway Museum is to close. You can read the full ERM press release here.

The site is home to the largest single private collection of electric trains in the UK and that includes all the items in the SERA collection. The site will close to the public after a last open day on Sunday October 8th and then begin the process of dismantling and clearing the site.

This creates a major problem for the SERA as we have to not only find new homes for the items in our collection but fund their movement too – given the size of the collection the bill for the SERA items could go as high as £30 000.

In response to the emergency SERA member and volunteer Nicholas Hair started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for the SERA movement costs. The page has the official sanction of the SERA and funds donated to it will help move the Tyneside EPB, LMS Class 503, Class 457, LOR coach and C&SLR body. The 4-SUB unit will be launching its own appeal for funds later in the summer.

You can find our crowdfunding page at:

Nicholas is no stranger to fund-raising, in the week following the Grenfell Tower fire he organised several days of collections at London Railway termini by enlisting the help of railway staff from various companies. The collections raised over £6500 for the Grenfell appeal.

If anyone is interested in contributing to movement costs for other items at the ERM not covered by the SERA then please contact us and we will put you in touch with the relevant party.